2014 Love Horoscope for Tiger Animal Sign

Chinese Horoscope 2014
2014 THE YEAR OF HORSE SIGN FROM 31-01-2014 - 18-02-2015
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Love Horoscope 2014 For Tiger

No matter that you are single, in love or married, your love relationship is not bad in 2014, because there is a Love Star coming to you.
The Best Love Match: Horse, and Dog

Tiger and Horse:      Both of these have lots in commons plus they make a great match. They trust and understand one another, and also have exciting interaction with each other.

Tiger and Dog: The mixture will begin a balanced and harmonic relationship. Tiger and Dog will make a good union according to mutual admiration and respect.

Words of Caution:      Watch out for the Ox. The Tiger and also the Ox underneath the same roof may cause serious clashes and competition. They are unable to settle their difference quietly. The Tiger and sheep may have difficulty to determine deep ties to create a lasting relationship.